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<-----obvious Phloe fan here, so to set the record straight:

1) Phloe did not consummate stables sex as teenagers. Chloe called it off at the last minute, as she wasn't ready, and Philip said he wouldn't be ready until she was. They cuddled naked for a long time, until Victor walked in on them (he had seen the light in the stables, wondered what was going on, etc.) Chloe was mortified/furious that Victor was still alive, after she'd spent so much time comforting Philip over the "death" of his father (Victor was faking his death). Chloe ran out crying and hysterical, and Nancy and Craig, who'd been looking for her, found her and Nancy assumed the worst since she herself had been raped. Chloe initially agreed as she was so upset/wasn't really herself, but once she calmed down she tried to rescind her statement and said Nancy misunderstood, but by then it was too late.

2) Since the recent JKJ/NB returns, Phloe have had extremely hot sex in Philip's bedroom and in Chloe's room at the Salem Inn. They started things up at Titan, but Philip stopped it, and they got very close to doing it in Greenland after the plane crash, but stopped then too. They showed those Phloe sex scenes in Philip's room on 30 Rock and as a special promotional segment that E! News ran about soap love scenes. They called themselves friends with benefits, but there was no question that they were falling in love again (and it's why Philip and Morgan broke up - he admitted that he was still in love with Chloe). Tomlin was apparently all set to keep Phloe going - there was an SOD article about it, and then for some reason it all stopped. Still don't get why that happened.

Any other Phloe questions, I'm always here to help. ;)
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