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Paul thought Cassandra was the woman of his dreams. She was beautiful, elegant, talented -- and, Paul discovered, married to his client and friend, George Rawlings. At first Cassandra seemed genuinely tormented by her predicament. She wanted to marry Paul, but still cared for her older, impotent (and rich) husband. When George found out about Paul's affair with his wife, he started plotting revenge. Having learned he was about to die of a terminal illness, George had nothing to lose. He staged arrguments with Paul, and planted incriminating invoices in Paul's files to give Paul a motive for murder. When George was found shot, all evidence pointed to Paul. The police believed Paul was guilty; the audience assumed George had taken his own life. But the case took an unexpected twist when the seemingly devoted Cassandra sprouted a mystery man, with whom she was planned to leave the country as soon as Paul was convicted. As the case slowly unwound, the grieving widow herself was implicated in George's murder. In classic mystery fashion, the story kept audiences guessing for months.
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