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Best of 2009: Days of our Lives

We remember the last 12 drama-stuffed months in Salem.

Most Welcome Presence

Maggie Horton, as portrayed by Suzanne Rogers, has been a great influence on the good folks of Salem all year. We may make fun of her uncanny ability to overhear the wrong conversations... but we love her for it. And the fact that Days is using Suzanne -- a vet on the show since 1973 -- so much lately makes us love the show even more.

Biggest "Wait, Where Did You Go?"

You guys, seriously. We love these Patch and Kayla, and in February 2009 they just... disappeared. They'd returned to Salem in 2006 after a long sabbatical, and Kayla even had a baby in 2008. We would LOVE to see them back -- Stephanie could've used her dad around when she was kidnapped!

Strangest Imprisonment

You remember Steph's kidnapping, right? Where that bizarre (but hot) gardener Owen took her hostage and hid her in a morgue? And Philip pretended to be a corpse to try and save her? Yeah, that was kinda creepy.

Best Character Rehab

Remember when Melanie was a total beeyotch? We do. And now -- despite giving Carly some sarcastic lip recently -- she's actually, well... kinda cool and fun. Total 180, right? We wonder if her burgeoning relationship with Philip will last through '10...

Saddest Exit

Don't even get us started. When (a now paraplegic) John and Marlena reunited, and decided to permanently leave Salem to seek treatment for John in Switzerland, it was one of the saddest moments in our Days-viewing life. JOLENA 4EVA!!

Best Undercover Birth

We don't know about you, but we hear about people (like Sami) giving birth while in the Witness Protection Program (after seeing a murder) all the time. And in a convent, of course. Where else? The irony of this picture is that the baby Sami is holding really isn't hers. If only she knew that then...

Best Baby Switch Made for All the Wrong Reasons

Speaking of Sami's baby, it took almost all year -- but Nicole finally got hers for taking Mia's baby, swapping it with Sami's, and passing it off as her own. Sydney had it OK there for a while... but now she's in a stranger's hands! We hope '10 sees a true reunion for Sami and Sydney... and EJ?

Best Use of Poisoned Bon-Bons

Kate was so angry that Chloe cheated on her son Lucas with the handsome Dr. Daniel that she took some delicious candies, filled them with POISON, and fed them to her. Natch. Daniel saved his beloved's life, but Kate hasn't gotten her comeuppance... yet. We adore Kate, especially because she's so rational.

Best Rivalry

THE rivalry in Salem, for time immemorial, is between the Kiriakis and DiMera families. It came to a(nother) head earlier this year when Victor held Stefano hostage. We hope these two clans never get along, because the show wouldn't be nearly as fun! And we love that the next generation -- Phillip and EJ -- are continuing the rivalry.

Best Mel Gibson in "Ransom" Impersonation

Bo and Hope went ballistic (and rightly so) when someone kidnapped their daughter Ciara -- turns out, it was a cop named Dean who worked with them! Bo wanted to enact his own kind of justice in this case, which caused strife with Hope -- strife that continues in their marriage to this day.

Best Return, Pt. 1

It was big news when Crystal Chappell returned to Days in October '09. Carly, the character she'd last played almost 20 years prior, had murdered her husband Lawrence and was looking for Bo Brady's help. Her presence has only added to the stress in Bo's marriage to Hope. And just who is this mysterious daughter Carly keeps speaking of?

Best Return, Pt. 2

Hot on the heels of Carly's return to Salem came the effervescent and evil Vivian Alamain, Lawrence's wacky aunt who has vowed to enact revenge. Her mere presence delights us. LOOK AT THAT HEADSCARF! 'Nuff said.

Craziest Idea

Much of the current Days drama is centered around Nicole's misguided attempt to "save" Sydney from EJ and Sami, which sent the tot straight into the arms of a mysterious lady kidnapper. Nicole admitted recently that the whole thing began as a way to "get one up" on Sami... maybe a nice game of pool would've sufficed?

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