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I feel like Bo and Hope's destruction of a marriage is missing something. There's no appeal to this story. On one episode, you have Bo wanting to work on their marriage and Hope refusing. The next episode, Hope wants to move back in and Bo refuses. And then the cycle continues each day this story is featured. And then, when they have these heart-to-hearts, I feel there is no drama here. It just seems like two people disagreeing over what to cook for dinner rather than their marriage ending. Where are the emotions? I remember that one scene where Peter Reckell knocked it out of the park, grabbing Kristian Alfonso. They both really brought it then. Now? Not so much. The writers need to step it up if they think we're supposed to get care about the last remaining supercouple's marriage ending.

I liked Arianna's willingess to give EJ a chance. It could add conflict to her relationship with Rafe as well as Brady. Hell, I just want EJ and Ari together.

The scenes at the hospital were great! I do feel like Vivian is coming off as an annoying pest more than anyone threatening, but that's the only Vivian I know. I never witnessed the terrifying Vivian of the early-90s, the Vivian who buried Carly alive. By the time I started watching, Vivian was the annoying fly in Victor and Kate's business, and then she moved onto help Kristen with her schemes, and then the Jonsey mess, followed by the mind-controlling tooth chip. That's the Vivian I know, so this Vivian isn't that jarring to me. But I do think it has to take someone twisted and evil to do what she did today with that dead corpse. My only complaint, and this goes along with what Stephen Nichols discussed in his interview about his arrival at Y&R, DAYS tends to take serious moments and plays them for comedy or something less serious. Carly barely reacted to seeing that corpse in the bed. Sure, she yelled, but then she just seemed annoyed rather than repulsed. The same can be said about Lexie and Nurse Maxine. I know if I worked at the hospital and walked in on that, I would be a little more affected. I just feel it could've been played off more seriously than it was.

I liked the reveal that Anna has Sydney, and the music they're using for those scenes is golden!
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