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Thanks so much for posting the promo! Yay I am so thrilled about Phelanie and I love that DOOL is doing old school promos revving up the interest I think that necessity is indeed the mother of invention! Cut the budget and get better stories! Who knew! Drew....

First of all, why must the show keep styling Molly Burnett to look like a teenager? I could probably count on my one hand the episodes where Melanie looked mature enough and her scenes with Philip didn't come off creepy. Those are the scenes that made me consider Philip and Melanie as a couple. But for some reason, the show won't capitalize on that and continue to dress Melanie like in the promo. It just makes Philip come off as creepy. Anyone that doesn't watch the show and is watching NBC would probably wonder why this grown ass man is asking a 16 year old to marry him. Creeeeeeepppyyyyy!

This is kinda funny, and I agree, I've been shipping Phelanie like crazy and they are my favourite couple in years but here's to hoping that after the wedding Vivian hooks her up with a new wardrobe huh! Not such a big deal the drinking thing as in Canada our legal limit is 18 in Quebec and 19 in Ontario so no big! But much word on the threads, I do think Aunty Viv will step in though in all manner of ways, feel free to ship on lol!
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