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Watched a couple episodes late last night. Kate yelling "You stole my embryo!" combined with Philip's "mommy jokes" brought the LOLs.

With that said - there was some truth to Vivian's comment about Kate, re: "That botoxed bitch!" LOL...LK didn't look so hot in that particular episode. You could tell it was shot a different day, actually. Anyway...

I still like Philip and Melanie. Stephanie and Nathan - take it or leave it.

And I think I say this every week - but WHO the hell dresses Ali Sweeney so terribly? It's not only the style that's bad - the things they put her in are either a. wrong for her body type, b. outdated, or c. too immature (I'm sorry, the Blair Waldorf-wannabe headbands have got to go!). Sami was annoying, as usual.

It was a little odd that Nicole randomly remembered the boots...but whatever!
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