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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Is there some rule in daytime television that every soap opera hospital has to have a sassy heavyset black woman as the head nurse? Or is it just Days with Maxine and Epiphany on GH?

I don't know what the point was of Vivian reading tarot cards other than to remind me Celeste is gone and I fucking miss her! Especially when they follow it up with a throwaway scene with Lexie (burritos?!?! Oh hell naw! Lexie's ADORABLE niece has been Sydnapped and Lexie is just chilling at work craving burritos? GMAFB, writers). Anyway I'd love to know what Celeste thinks of Kate and Stefano's marriage and this whole Sydnapping mess. I'd love to know just where the hell Celeste went, period.

I don't understand Hope at all. At the beginning when she was saying she doesn't think Bo is happy either, I couldn't figure out what she was getting at other than maybe I was supposed to think Hope is glad he's miserable and she's succeeded in that goal of making it so? I don't get it. I want this Bope story to work because I like both Bope AND Barly, but Hope needs something to do besides just whine to Justin or bitch out Bo about them not talking any more. Let's get her sleuthing on Carly's secret already.

Carly and Vivian's encounter was FUN. Aside from her reading tarot I liked pretty much every moment of Vivian. There is no one on the fucking planet who can say the word "milieu" better than Louise Sorel. No one. And not sure if I was reading too much in it or fanwanking something, but to the people who thought Carly seemed too calm and collected being in Viv's presence I thought the intensity in CC's eyes when Vivian started talking to Melanie looked a bit like a mama bear ready to claw somebody's eyes out for getting too close to baby bear. And LOL at Viv not liking Melanie's scrappiness and trying to give her golddigging tips while Mel tries to encourage Viv to do volunteering. The next couple months should be fun.

I found Arianna surprisingly likable as she fought with Brady. She was so much more feisty rather than such a drab persona she is most of the rest of the time. Of course the show wants us to side with Brady, because well... in this instance he is right that EJ is being shady with Ari, but dammit :flipoff: Brady trying to claim that Nicole being a fucking psycho baby switcher was EJ's fault! Sorry, Brady, it wasn't EJ's fault that Nicole is an insecure nightmare who, correctly or incorrectly, didn't trust in EJ's love enough to tell him she lost their baby in a miscarriage. Brady, it wasn't EJ's fault that Nicole decided to hire a baby broker and bully a teenage girl to give her baby to Nicole (WHICH YOU ABETTED HER WITH!). Brady, it wasn't EJ's fault that Nicole is consumed with Samijealousy and was obsessed with one-upping her in stealing EJ's affections and the latest EJamlet. Brady, it wasn't EJ's fault that your dumbass bailed her out of jail to she could take the Ejamlet from its real parents AGAIN. And from Arianna's perspective, she is right that she should hate Nicole more than EJ. Nicole found out her bro was gonna die and she went and got some french fries at the pub while EJ (unfortunately) rescued his dumb ass. Ugh. Sanctimonious Brady is the worst. I mean I get he wants to take up with Nicole because he loves her and all, but the thing is while Nicole at least has somewhat of an excuse for all her crazy shiz in that she's obviously mentally imbalanced and had the miscarriage and all that... what's Brady's excuse for being such an idiot?

Oh and Melanie? If you're really Arianna's bestie, can you tell her after you warn her off EJ (which I have no problem with) that it's probably pretty dumb of her to chase after Brady when he's clearly already madly in love with Nicole?

Now for my daily Rafe rant, whether people want to discount its validity or not because I'm an Ejami fan :laugh: ...
If this assface is supposed to be nuJohnBlack can he tone down the smug? Because until John became Jawn, I just don't remember SuperJohnBlack being this smug... or not really smug, period. Looking back on it, I probably never gave Drake Hogestyn enough credit for not being smug in the role he was playing whether it was the writing or the adorable eyebrow or "That's a fact" that made him so damn rootable (at least for me) as corny and silly and outlandish as John Black should have seemed and in reality maybe was.

In case anyone needs a reminder of the difference between SuperRafe and the genuine article Salem superhero I give you something I came across on YouTube recently:

:wub: Stefano :wub: I laugh about Rafe knocking himself out too. And yes, Stef, he IS a smug son of a bitch! BTW, I know Sydney was kidnapped and everything, but as a U.S. taxpayer I am starting to get incensed at all the FBI resources paid for with MY tax dollars are going to pay for the sleuthing hobbies of a disgraced former agent. I doubt sodium pentathol comes very cheap.

Carly sure is damn calm staring down a corpse. Anyway, glad Lexie's last line of the day wasn't about burritos. Damn this has to be a Salem record too with Carly joining the medical staff. That makes it FOUR doctors at once on this show. Look out!

Well, I'm back to being confused as hell about the baby switch. Anna keeping the Sydnapping news clippings in a scrapbook is just... weird... and I don't think a babynapper for hire would be doing that. The way JS played EJ's reaction to what Nicole said and him thinking that meant Stefano took the bambino sold me that EJ is not involved in the Sydnapping either... at least not yet. I really am mystified here.

"Uh oh." Gosh that was so perfect! Can there be a special baby Daytime Emmy for the Sinemma sisters?

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