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Dec 19 2009, 01:29 AM
Dec 19 2009, 01:22 AM
I think the writers have done plenty. I think the issue is that we've seen this sort of scene a thousand times. I think they've gone overboard laying out the Bope issues. They shouldn't worry anymore about some people still not getting it. Frankly, if people STILL don't get why this is happening, then don't even bother. Let's just break them up and move on. The reasons are there. The show built up to this and gave us enough scenes of them arguing and talking about their issues. Let's have one big blowout and move on to them apart because that is what is needed now. PR and KA looked more interested in trying to keep it fresh then playing out the scenes. They did their best but it's time to move on and, thankfully, it appears we will be.
The issues have been touched upon, but where is the emotion? Aside from that one scene that I mentioned, it doesn't seem like they're reacting to a marriage ending. They've been through so much and managed to stay together, yet you would never notice by the way they're reacting to the split. Their scenes together seem emotionless. Their scenes with other people discussing the marriage ending seems emotionless. Reckell and Alfonso just seem bored with the material now.
I've seen emotion. I even saw some in their final scene today when the frame broke and Hope ran out with tears in her eyes and Bo came down and realizing Hope was gone and became deflated. They've been playing it recently as both of them are just frustrated. They just can't seem to agree or communicate and have no idea what to do. I've been fine with how they played it until today. I agree they seemed a bit bored today but I blame that on the writers overselling the issues. I think they feel like they have to continue to beat into viewers' brains the reasons why their marriage is a mess. They shouldn't have to do too much of that anymore. Yes, they need to address it when necessary but today just felt like overkill and the way it was presented made it seem like it didn't do anything to move things along. The picture frame shattering was just about the only thing that I felt did anything to further the story because it showed things are pretty much nearing their end, at least for now.

Regardless, I still applaud the show for the way this story has played and how they slowly built it up. It's a realistic destruction of a marriage and I would rather the show beat things into our brains then not doing enough to make the story work.
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