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Dec 19 2009, 12:40 AM
I don't understand Hope at all. At the beginning when she was saying she doesn't think Bo is happy either, I couldn't figure out what she was getting at other than maybe I was supposed to think Hope is glad he's miserable and she's succeeded in that goal of making it so? I don't get it. I want this Bope story to work because I like both Bope AND Barly, but Hope needs something to do besides just whine to Justin or bitch out Bo about them not talking any more. Let's get her sleuthing on Carly's secret already.
I actually think that question was very telling. Because Hope is very insecure right now. Bo/Hope marriage troubles usually go through the same stages. Bo does something bad or Hope feels he is not respecting and appreciates her enough so she moves out temporarily so Bo realizes what he´s done and begs her kneeling to take him back and return home. (maybe not literally, but close enough) Of course she doesn´t want him to be happy when she´s gone. She wants him to be desperate, missing her terribly and jealous of any men she is spending time with. But this time Bo found Carly and Hope is suddenly on the loosing end because Bo seems fine and he shows no real effort to really understand why Hope is so bothered. Bo now has woman who apprecites him, maybe even adores him and more importantly still sees him through the "you are my hero" eyes Hope used to 20+ years ago so his motivation to change and accept whatever conditions Hope gives him to return is very low.

IMO, that´s the gist of their problems now. Hope is not ready to accept the defeat and return back without conditions and accept there will no appologize this time. And Bo is not willing to really prove he wants Hope back and work on their marriage which in her eyes means give away the Carly´s secret or atleast cutting any contact with her. They are stuck, because nobody is willing to do the first move.
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