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Jane - excellent analysis on the Bope marriage and nobody wanting to make the first move...i see that too. It is frustrating but I am glad that the marriage is all messed up before anything with Carly develops.

I FLOVED Rafe and Stefano! I loved Rafe's questions to Stefano and Steffie laughing at putting a hit out on Rafe was funny. It's weird at how I have warmed up to Rafe recently...maybe it is because I am impressed at all the work he is doing while the actual parents sit around throwing themselves a pity party.

It is so damn weird to me that EJ hears his father spill about how much he loves him and all that he would do for him, then he sees Nicole she tells him that she still loves him and would do anything for him...yet he shuns them both for giving him his child and kisses Safe's ass? Sami who hated him so much that she denied him his child until she died, and Rafe who intended to adopt her?
THAT is why I need Ej to be behind the kidnapping...so I don't lose all respect for him. Apologizing to Rafe for upsetting Arianna was unbelievable. Can the real Ej please stand up?

I thought Ej and Nicole were awesome together in the jail cell. I love Ej when he is in his powerful mode...just friggin sexy! "playing hard to get, sweetheart?" - now THAT is the EJ I know and love!

I also love Ari and EJ...and again it bothers me she is so damn smug (must get it from her brother) that she condemns Nicole for lying and needs her to be in jail where Ari herself lied about something big and was in jail. The only reason I feel Ari is so hell bent on trashing Nicole is because of her jealousy of Brady...I dont even think Ari has ever met Nicole.

I was freaked out by Carly's corpse and the big sprig of baby's breath in her hair. Nasty. Love the story though.

Oh, and Anna. I am still confused by the fall on the head and the cold baby thing, but it is nice to see her finally revealed...now maybe we can see who, if anyone, she is working with.
Pretty good week!
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