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Dec 19 2009, 08:57 PM
Dec 19 2009, 05:36 PM
Dec 19 2009, 03:40 PM
Wait a second. Maggie fondly remembers TOM on Christmas? Why would she be sitting there having memories about her father-in-law. Shouldn't she be having memories of MICKEY, her husband? I hope this is a typo.
Why should she be remembering Mickey? He's not dead yet and he will likely be "there" without being there LOL.

Alice is not around because Frances is unable so who else should remember Tom? The guy is the patriarch for the show and Maggie is really the only person around other then D&J to be able to do that right now.
Well Mickey will probably be in the Tom memories so we will at least see him that way, but my point is that even if Mickey is still "around" whether they are going to say he is out delivering meals to senior citizens or volunteering at the soup kitchen or whateve you could have Mia or Melanie or somebody asking Maggie about her favorite Christmas and then have a flashback with Mickey that way. I think given what story is ahead Mickey flashbacks should be happening around the holiday as it's only natural for people to remember past holidays even with people who are still alive.
That makes sense but your post seemed to indicate you felt it was wrong for Maggie to be remembering Tom and that is what I didn't get LOL. There is no one else around to remember Tom other then Doug and Julie and maybe Hope. Of course, Carly could too but it probably should be a member of the family to remember him in a scene like that.

I'm sure we may get references regarding Mickey but no flashbacks. I'm sure we will get a ton of flashbacks when the big event happens and I'm not sure I want to have flashbacks this soon when we are due for a ton in a month or so.
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