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Dec 19 2009, 08:33 PM
Halloween Family
Dec 19 2009, 08:07 PM
Dec 19 2009, 07:57 PM
Oh, and Anna. I am still confused by the fall on the head and the cold baby thing, but it is nice to see her finally revealed...now maybe we can see who, if anyone, she is working with.
Pretty good week!
I was thinking that the freezing baby thing was contrasted with Sami being in a nice warm fireplace heated house and Nicole being distraught to make the audience more sympathetic for Nicole and whatever future baby plan they have for her.
By future baby, you mean Sydney??!? ;)

I could go a really long time and not watch another Days character be pregnant!
Have no idea. Not sure that they would make Sydney Nicole's baby right off the bat, it might depend on how she is redeemed or if the writers think she needs redeeming at all. IMO, Nicole doesn't need to be redeemed in the sense of prison, she's already been redeemed by loving (as warped as it may be) Sydney and for me SydNic was golden. Doesn't mean I wouldn't mind EJ torturing her but I'm afraid to even want that. It just was really weird that the fire place scene was done while Syd was freezing, Sami is uncharacteristaclly calm while Nicole is sobbing her eyes out. It makes me wonder if Sami is in cahoots with Anna.

As for another character being pregnant, it got me thinking about Hope's deal and if she were perimenopausal, they could give her a big oopsie! pregnancy, I think there's a term for that "menopause baby". At the same time, one of the other Salemites could be dealing with fertility issues say Danloe or even Nicole. just thinking out loud...I know it's a ugh-s/l with having more pregnancies and Danloe, lol.
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