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Dec 19 2009, 04:31 PM
Do they really think we're buying this shit?

Straight up I'm buying and selling it. I have been watching the development of Phelanie for the better part of a year, this is hardly out of left field, As I understand it there are a lot of people WTF-ing and some of these folks were fast-forwarding the Philip/Melanie scenes over the course of the year anyways. Some were invested in Phinie {I tried but couldn't get down} Some Phelle {was checking that out on youtube and they were damn hot actually} but if you watch it back from when Melanie first arrived in town there is definitely a through line from there to here. Even to the point of Philip now echoing sentiments Melanie made/said to him back in february, or even right back to Philip watching Nick and Melanie enviously through the window while there were baking to the current cookie/baking scene with him and her a few days ago bringing things full circle.

I'll be straight up and say that if this were real life I would no doubt want Melanie with Nathan as Nathan is a Jacob to me and Philip an Edward. Jacob/Nathan is reliable, sweet, loving and prepared to stay with her through thick and thin and likely brings out the "best" in her and if you contrast that with Edward/Philip he is dark, brooding, unreliable and unpredictable and you can never really be sure what is going on up there and he of course can bring out the "worst" in Melanie. Nathan is my pick hands down in the real world but that's not what I want to see on my tv, I want to see the angst and the passion and the unpredictability and Philip brings that in spades.

There's not one of us who can argue that Philip doesn't act impulsively, and this move is impulsive, most of the Phelanie shippers would prefer things to slow waaaay down as it is very fast seeing as how he was just proposing to Stephanie in May of this year. But for the same reason that it is too rash, too ill-advised too like the lightening which doth cease to be 'ere one can say it lightens, it is also potential for a great storyline, we've got a young woman who is crazy in love with this man who appears to have seen the light with her but there is no real confirmation as yet if he is truly,madly,deeply in love with her or just infatuated with her and grateful that she continues to be his strongest supporter. The heart of the story {as we know it so far} reads thus:

Melanie has been the one constant in his life over the past year who whether helping to rescue Stephanie, trying to put him and Stephanie back together, giving him a shoulder to lean on about his family, fiance or crazy business, has been a constant reinforcement and pillar in his life. Whether or not he is truly in love with her at this juncture is doubtful if not unclear but it is clear to me that he feels she is the only person he can trust right now and he doesn't want to lose that and with Nathan nipping at her heels locking her down makes sense and an engagement is the perfect way to do that. I don't think anyone needs to worry that it's a deep undying love just yet but I do think he needs her and he is scared of losing that, particularly now with all that has gone on with Kate and Vivian, hence the proposal. This is one of those stories that is going to unfold slowly like an onion {and surely make me cry lol} and if you add on the Vivian, Carly aspect it just weaves everyone together and kicks things into high gear. I'm really excited about where this is going for sure! :rockon: :rockon:
Love your PHELANIE avatar!
And I co-sign your post :cheer:
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