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Halloween Family
Dec 17 2009, 12:12 PM
Poor Melanie, Phillip is going to drag her down. I like Phelanie and was hoping Phillip could have some fun for ONCE. It was nice seeing them just interact the other day with the cookie decorating.

It's pretty obvious Phelanie aren't the couple and they want Stephanie with Phillip and Mel with Nate but I'm interested in seeing how it will play out.
I'll have to respectfully disagree with you that the writers don't want Phelanie and that Philip/Stephanie and Nathan/Melanie are the rooting couples.
While I can understand what you're saying about Nathan/Melanie maybe in the end being the rooting couple. I don't think for a second Philip and Stephanie are.They haven't even given each other a second glance in what two months?lol.
The thing that struck me the most in the Christmas promo was that it was all about PHELANIE. It wasn't some voice over guy saying something like, "she's marrying one man(Philip) but in love with another(Nathan). It was all about Philip/Melanie. To me if Melanie annd Nathan were the rooting couple the focus would have been on them in the promo, ya know? Maybe showing Nathan's reaction to Melanie's engagement ring. Or something in the promo tht gave the impression that "Hey Melanie/Nathan are the 'rooting couple'. Or if we are to believe that Philip/Stephanie are the 'rooting couple', we didn't the promo focus on them, show Stephanie's reaction, show Stephanie crying about their engagement.....something?
And in both the SOD and the SOW articles, Stephanie wasn't even mentioned. It wasn't Molly giving an interview saying, "Well Philip loves Stephanie,but he can't have her, so he's settling for Melanie. Molly has said that in interviews before.
Molly also said , that "Melanie misses Nathan, but is in love with Philip.
I know that Corday said that Philip/Stephanie and Melanie/Nathan are the rooting couples. So I do understand your reasoning, but things change, and writers sometimes change their minds and sometimes go with a different couple then they planned on. And I think that is what happened with Phelanie. Because as far as Philip/Stephanie and Melanie /Nathan being the "rooting couples", that definately isn't playing out on screen. JMO, of course :)

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