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Ten years ago, Tracy Quartermaine let her father crawl on the carpet and gasp for his heart pills instead of immediately rushing to his aid. Sure, Edward Q was only faking a heart attack, but he was testing her loyalty. She failed the exam.

This year, things haven't changed that much. Masquerading as a nun in habit and wimple, Tracy broke into the convent files to get evidence that her sister-in-law Monica (Leslie Charleson) gave birth to an illegitimate child when she was a medical student. Some people mellow with age; Tracy Quartermaine sharpened her jagged edges. She swept back into the Quartermaine mansion and took all of thirty seconds to insult those "near and dear" to her. Across America, viewers smiled. Jane Elliot had just proved that, once in a great while, you can go home again. With her acidic delivery, scythe-like haircut and reliable cynicism, Elliot has made a stunning and hysterical re-entry into a role that won her a well-deserved Emmy for Best Supporting Actress. To say she plays with punch is the understatement of the year. Elliot clobbers mere mortals and leaves the slow-witted quivering in her wake. Lucky enough to find the original actors still portraying the Quartermaines, Elliot plays her scenes with Charleson, Stuart Damon (Alan) and Anna Lee (Lila) as if they hadn't missed a day together, certifying this family's status as the funniest on daytime.
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