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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepgot
But what I don't get is why. I realize this show is set in a small town, but that never affects soap opera style. Look at Kate. Look at Hope - Hope is dressed exactly how Kristian would in real life: LA chic (designer jeans, blazers, cute tops etc.). All contemporary brands, as well.

Like that leather coat/blazer thing Sami had on the other? Where the hell did they even buy that? Tabi's ? lol.
By contemporary brand, do you mean HER brand? LOL Because of lot of what she wears is from her line. Loved the necklace Friday. Wish I could afford it!
No, I mean like Seven for all Mankind, J Brand, Trovata, Milly, etc. I recognize a ton of stuff she wears when looking around the Neiman Marcus contemporary section, LoL. Sami used to be dressed in a TON of Juicy Couture, but they dropped that look for this weird, outdated bad jean, button up and sweater look.

Oh, yeah, KA does wear her own jewelery - that's right.
Gads, it just looks like clothes to me (spoken as the person who shops at Kohl's and Old Navy. More bang for the buck that way :D ). I do know, though, she has worn her own line, too.
Since Sami just passed $50,000 off on Nicole, Sami probably can't afford Neiman-Marcus anyway. And, as somewith with toddlers, she SHOULDN'T be wearing anything but Target and Walmart! At least around the kids.
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