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It's not shocking given his status but I suppose it's shocking given the way it was handled. I mean, why bother bringing him back in the first place from rehab or even putting him in rehab? It makes no sense. They had the perfect exit back in September. He hated his mother and Maggie. He had lost Chloe. Why not just have him leave town?

I'm actually shocked they finally got rid of him since he's had little to nothing to do since he got released from jail (I don't count the Lucas/Chloe/Daniel stuff because that story barely involved Lucas as it progressed) yet the show kept him around. I'm also shocked because I'm sure Ali isn't happy about this but I'm sure she can only do so much and perhaps Bryan wanted to go. His SOD interview when he returned a few weeks ago did have some red flags, like the brutally honest way he was talking about the show and what it was doing.

I can see him coming back at some point but I am curious if he gets an exit or he just leaves town or fades away. The fact that he makes his last appearance in February makes me wonder if rather then an accident involving one of Sami's kids we get an accident involving Lucas and maybe that is an exit arc for him.
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