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Ok, I get the point that there was no reason to bring him back at all. But OTOH, if they were fixing to write him off with a bang--i.e., killing him off or otherwise making his exit a culmination of or a catalyst for another story--why rest him like they did? To me it would make more sense to use him more, not less, in a build up to a big exit. As it is if you're not a Lucas fan you don't even notice that he's not around so who cares if/when he's gone? They need to remind me why I should care that Lucas will be off canvas.

If his exit is a non-exit like Steve and Kayla's or an open-ended exit like John and Marlena's, I suppose they may be assuming viewers who like him but don't keep up with the mags or the boards won't know for sure he's gone and won't quit watching because of it.
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