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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Dec 21 2009, 02:59 PM
Dec 21 2009, 02:50 PM
I saw it coming, but we (Lumi fans) have fought to keep him since they have been trying to get rid of him since 2007. He has been treated like shit, and is looking forward to moving on. I want to be happy for him, but I am just so sad. :(
One thing I hope fans learn is sometimes it's best to just let the actor go.

Look what happened in 2007 with both Drake and Bryan. People fought for their returns and what the writers dished out probably left people wishing they had just let it be. If TPTB decide to get rid of someone, it's a sure sign they just don't want to write for them so forcing their hand and making them bring back someone is something that hardly ever has good results. I mean, if they don't want them around, then they are going to either not use them or write something for them that isn't very good because they just don't want the person around.
As much as I thought John's funeral was very well done, I enjoyed Jawn in his return too. I don't regret the Drake fans fighting to bring him out of that coma or bring him back to life even after the funeral even if the exit was not as special when it was him and Marlena together and John unfortunately paralyzed.

In BD's case, I also don't think it was a mistake for his hard-core fans to fight to try to keep him and his character on the show. I'm certainly glad they fought to keep him on the show after the first time they tried to write him out with that coma back in the early 2000s. We got a lot of great drama this decade with Kate and Lucas and Sami, even if the last two years have been less than stellar for BD/Lucas.
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