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I donīt think there has to be necesseraly some big reason why he was brought back. Even when the show seems fairly well planned they still change things on daily basis. They could have some story idea for him at some point and later decided to not go there, or they are excited with some new idea we donīt know yet and needed some money for it and Brian lucked out. There is no doubt the show and crew really likes him and heīs been always a team player, but rightfully or not the show never saw him as a rating grabber or someone people watch for. I think especially after the Chloe fiasco they were very wary to invest into him and his character.

As for his final day, it almost looks like he will leave immediatelly after Phillip/Mel wedding, because that was the big event they taped before the brake. I donīt think he will die or something drastic like that, I think rather he will get a nice clean exit, probably deciding to leave week or so before and agreeing to be a bestman on Phillipīs wedding as the last favor before he goes.
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