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Every married couple fights, and some more belligerently than others. There are the cold wards, where husband and wife clam up to punish each other, adn the china wars, where the plates and saucers and tureens are hurled from wife to husband and vice versa to possibly injure and to prove just how much you hated getting that pattern as a wedding present. Then there are the trial wars, where the husband puts his wife on the witness stand, metes out a death sentence, and the wife says, "All right, I'm guilty. So what?"

This is how John and Lucinda Dixon fight on AS THE WORLD TURNS. For the past year, she's been a very, very, very bad wife, among other things hiring a scarlet woman to lure John's ruffian son out of her house, and pushing the "for better or worse" clause to the max. Formerly no angel himself, the newly censorious John spends most of his time trying to teach his wife a lesson about using people to your own personal ends (until he decides to do the same thing; then it's different). But there's no point. This is one of the most complex marriages on daytime television and John and Lucinda are two proud, rare birds with their chests stuck out and their plumage positively rattling. "I won't grovel, John. I won't," Lucinda told him the last time he left her, and she means it. Larry Bryggman and Elizabeth Hubbard fight with gusto, sophistication and the hardheadedness of people who truly love -- and sometimes hate -- each other.
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