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Sami/Rafe/EJ:We know now that Anna has the baby, but we don't know why. Anna contacts Sami and EJ to exchange Sydney for $5 million, but Rafe brings in the FBI and things go terribly wrong. Sami and Rafe can't help but blame each other for the botched ransom exchange. There's a huge twist concerning Anna and Sydney. Can't miss this one.

So much 'WTF?' here. Anna's holding Sydney for ransom? There's another botched ransom exchange? How much longer is this going to go on? As much as Sami getting what she wants annoys me, I'm ready for her to get the damn kid back so this can be over.

Arianna/Brady/Nicole:At Nicole's trial, Brady is the only one that stands up for her. Arianna is unnerved by Brady's unwavering support of Nicole. Arianna has even bigger problems with Troy begins to plot her demise.

I could go for an Arianna/Brady/Nicole triangle, but I hope E.J. is involved as well. The only times he hasn't been annoying me lately have been his scenes with Arianna.

Hope/Bo/Carly/Justin/Victor/Vivian:There will be a huge turn of events with Hope, Bo, Carly, and Justin. Bo and Carly make love. Hope turns to Justin, who still harbors feelings for her. We know his feelings for her are stronger than hers for him. The story moves quickly and continues to move quickly into a huge storyline coming up for Hope in early spring. Meanwhile, Carly tries to build a relationshiop with her daughter, but it is finding it more painful and difficult than she though. Time is running out for Vivian as Victor grows impatient with her plan to destory Carly. She manages to narrow down the idenity of Carly's daughter. Is it Mia or Melanie? That will be revealed.

Meh. This really isn't what I was hoping for for Carly and Vivian's returns.

Phillip/Melanie/Nathan/Stephanie:The upcoming wedding of Phillip and Melanie is big. Kate and Vivian vie over Melanie, desperate to be part of the wedding plans. There's a huge cliff hanger at the end of January: Will they or won't they marry? Who will stop the wedding? Who will stop someone from stopping the wedding?

And my biggest question......who cares?

Mia/Will/Chad/Gabi:Gabi warns Mia that she can't have both Chad and Will. Will catches on to Mia's indecison and breaks up with her.

Boring. This is the worst set of teens ever.
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