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Dec 22 2009, 11:50 PM
But who would have enough authority to both plan a story and tell BD that but not have enough authority not to get overruled? I mean, let's say Whitesell wanted to write story for Lucas--would he tell him that? I guess I was under the impression the writers don't mingle with the actors nor do they have the authority to decide who to write for, even the head writers. I really would like to know more about the backstage politics--it's undoubtedly many times more interesting than the show.
Well, I mean these are all just guesses, but what if Corday wanted Bryan to stay and get a story, but Tomlin and Whitesell wanted Bryan out. I think Corday is very loyal to many of the 'vets', including BD, but as we've seen, there must be other realities at work there. Now, didn't Suzanne say that Corday pulled her aside and told her she had a story coming up? So maybe he did the same to Bryan, yet at the same time Tomlin was moving ahead with the plan to let Bryan go. Again, just a guess, but I think it could explain why Bryan said what he did.
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