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Dec 22 2009, 11:46 PM
Dec 22 2009, 11:41 PM
Dec 22 2009, 11:30 PM
What pissed me off the most when this came out was when I did the previous interview with him a month ago, he was informed that he had a storyline waiting for him when the character of Lucas gets out of rehab. I guess they "SAY" a lot of things, and the team does something else. I feel bad for him getting the short end of the stick again!
I don't understand that at all. I mean, there are a limited number of possibilities here:

1. They legitimately had a big story planned for him or that at least included him and then not only changed their minds but decided not to even renew his contract.

2. They never had a big story in mind--but then why lie to him? What was the point of that? If they didn't want to tell him they were non-renewing him until the end (though if his contract isn't up until February they really didn't wait until the last second) perhaps out of fear he would publicly badmouth the show, I still don't see the need to lie about him having a big story.

3. BD is lying about being told he would have a big story. I have no idea why he would do that but I suppose it's possible.

If (1) is true, what made them change their minds? (2) seems by far the strongest possibility, but again I just don't know what the motive would be to lie. Just tell him, we're not sure what the future holds but for now you're on contract. The guy in my signature is famous for telling guys up front if they're going to be traded, are getting waived, etc., and I really think people appreciate that kind of honesty--don't tell me I'm with the team if you're planning to cut me, you know?
My guess would be a variation on #1. Someone had a big story planned for him and told him that, but someone else overrode that person and decided that BD should be let go.

With the firing of the DHs exactly a year ago at roughly the same time, its more likely that this is Days once again reevaluating its budget for the coming year, or quarter - whatever. They've added newbies that cost money, they may have gone over budget on some other things, etc. Lucas was an easy character to cut, he's no longer a contender for Sami and doesnt have chemestry with anyone else. Of course as a Horton he has other family connections to draw upon, but none that are going to keep an expensive 17 year actor under contract. Perhaps they should have sought a recurring status for him.
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