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It's funny how what people think of as a creative business is more, well, business. It was a huge surprise to me to learn that the writers have relatively little power when, logically, at least to me, they seemed like they should have the most.

I know we're just speculating here, but I can buy a scenario where Corday said one thing and Tomlin and/or Whitesell had other plans. If that's the case, and if Corday really has taken a hands-off approach to the day to day dirty business of running the show, including firings, then he needs to stay out of it totally.

Anyway, I certainly do feel bad for BD if he was promised something that didn't pan out. I won't miss the character of Lucas particularly, but I don't like the way the character was treated for the last 18 months or so. I hated (HATED) Lucas with Chloe but there were things they could have done with him that wouldn't have irritated me.
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