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Dec 23 2009, 12:08 AM
It's funny how what people think of as a creative business is more, well, business. It was a huge surprise to me to learn that the writers have relatively little power when, logically, at least to me, they seemed like they should have the most.

I know we're just speculating here, but I can buy a scenario where Corday said one thing and Tomlin and/or Whitesell had other plans. If that's the case, and if Corday really has taken a hands-off approach to the day to day dirty business of running the show, including firings, then he needs to stay out of it totally.

Anyway, I certainly do feel bad for BD if he was promised something that didn't pan out. I won't miss the character of Lucas particularly, but I don't like the way the character was treated for the last 18 months or so. I hated (HATED) Lucas with Chloe but there were things they could have done with him that wouldn't have irritated me.
I donīt think it has to be necesseraly a conflict between Tomlin and Corday. It could be Corday just trying to appease Datillo before he is send on that temporary leave and next calling to writers they really have to write something for him after he returns. He is known for doing that. It could be just some vague story idea that existed at that time but when they put it on paper and started to develop into a storyline it didnīt work as well as they hoped and finally decided itīs not worthy. And of course, it could be budget, because the show uses some recurring characters like Justin and Victor much more than they originally planned and needed to save some money elsewhere.

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