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Hope tells Justin she is ready to move on from Bo, but he misunderstands what she means and shares his true feelings with her. She explains she wants to hire him as her lawyer to serve Bo with separation papers. "Hope loves Justin as a friend and loves his friendship and cherishes it, but in her heart, there's only one man for Hope and that's Bo," says Kristian. "He's been in love with other women, but she's never loved another man." As for Justin's declaration, "She doesn't know how to respond; she never saw it coming. When her confronts her with this, that is just the last thing on her mind."

Justin urges Hope to fight for her marriage. She goes to the Brady house, where she sees Bo and Carly kissing. "Hope is devastated when she sees that kiss," says KA. "Just devastated, because it's like, 'Oh my God. It's at the next level. I'm losing him rapidly and he's easily going.' "There's no conflict. He's smoothly making the transition into another life."

Carly leaves and Bo and Hope have it out about their marriage. "She's not just married to him, but he's the love of her life, and she's hurt," says KA. "She is seeing the complete destruction and implosion of her marriage. At the same time, as negatively as she feels about Carly, she doesn't want to see her get hurt. And she knows what Vivian is capable of, so she's also trying to find out what Vivian is up to."

Vivian discovers that Carly had a baby in a swiss clinic years ago and she vows to find the child. She discusses her plans with Victor and Hope listens in to some of it. Hope tells Justin about it and Hope decides to do some investigating.

Hope waits for Vivian and Victor to leave for their New Year's Eve plans, and then sneaks into Vivian's room with Justin. They find a chinese puzzle box where Vivian hid the papers about Carly's secret. Victor and Vivian come back early and Justin and Hope are wondering what to do. Kristian says, "They're in Vivian's room and they hear them coming down the hallway, so they kiss, and Vivian and Victor walk in....."
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