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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

I really believe TPTB lied to BD....maybe Kenny since he's a known liar pulled BD aside when they gave him the news about the off screen rehab and told him that he would be back with a wonderful storyline. It would have been amazing to actually tie him into the storyline with Maggie and how she will cope with Mickey's death. It would have also been amazing to actually have Lucas be the one who is tragically injured in that accident instead of the rumored "one of Sami's kids"....something tells me that the kid will now be Johnny which would bring Sami and EJ closer and would create angst for Safe. However by having Lucas be the one that is injured by a drunk Maggie and have him barely come out of that in a wheelchair or blind would have been very dramatic. It would have drawn in many players, not only Sami obviously but Kate, Will and others but it would have been about Lucas.....they fucked BD and his fans over plain and simple. Dee recently stated that she was willing to stay at a reduced rate but they refused....I wonder if they are just getting rid of all the faces that we the viewing audience associates with DOOL so that when it's cancelled we all won't feel as if we're losing much.
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