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National Enquirer Spoilers (thanks to angmc)
- Sami and EJ get a call from the kidnapper.
- Nicole throws herself upon the mercy of the court.
- Troy hires an operative to take Arianna out.
- Carly admits to Vivian that she killed Lawrence

**UPDATED 12/24**

CDN TV Guide Spoilers
Bo tells Carly that her daughter appears to be safe; Melanie and Stephanie learn that Philip and Nathan are in jail and rush to their aid.

Sami secretly meets with EJ, who informs her that he's received another note from the kidnapper.

Brady enters the pub just before Troy's assassin can hurt Arianna; Rafe informs Sami that the FBI reinstated him.

Nicole is about to be sentenced by the judge; Maggie prepares for her cruise with Mickey.

Sami remains torn over whether to tell Rafe about the ransom note; a frustrated Will breaks up with Mia

**UPDATED 12/29**

Soaps.com Spoilers
Week of January 4

Troy hires someone to remove Arianna from the equation.

Vivian reveals Hope and Justin's kiss to Bo.

The kidnapper reaches out to Sami and EJ.

Nicole heads to court and begs for mercy.

Nathan begs Melanie not to marry Philip.

Thursday January 7:
Nicole receives her sentence.

Friday January 8:
Carly makes a confession to Vivian about killing Lawrence.


**UPDATED 12/30**

Daily Spoilers

Monday, January 4th
Hope and Justin are caught in a kiss; Bo shares good news with Carly; Stephanie and Melanie learn that Nathan and Philip are in jail; Brady tries to help Nicole.

Tuesday, January 5th
Sami and E.J. try to decipher the kidnapper's instructions; Maggie encourages Bo to work on his marriage; Troy hires an assassin.

Wednesday, January 6th
Mia becomes jealous of Chad and Gabi; Brady comes to Nicole's defense; Melanie and Philip get ready to elope.

Thursday, January 7th
Nicole receives her sentence; Arianna realizes that Brady is still in love with Nicole; Gabi confronts Mia; Anna fears she is being watched.

Friday, January 8th
Rafe is determined to bring Sydney home; Will breaks up with Mia; Bo and Justin have it out; Carly and Bo end up in a passionate embrace.

SOW Spoilers
-Bo presses Hope about her feelings for Justin.
-Gabi learns that Mia had Chad's baby.
-Troy's hit man prepares to take out Arianna.
-Anna fears she's being watched.

Can't Miss:Thursday, January 7th
A Horton receives devastating news.

**UPDATED 1/1**[/b]

More Daily Spoilers

Monday, January 4th
Vivian tells Bo about Hope and Justin's kiss; Nathan urges Melanie to reconsider marrying Philip; Nicole throws herself upon the mercy of the court; Carly reminisces about a past New Year's celebration with Bo.

Tuesday, January 5th
Sami and EJ receive a call from the kidnapper; Troy hires an operative to take Arianna out; Rafe questions Brady about his feelings for Nicole; Bo sees that Justin's moving out of the Kiriakis mansion; Rafe has a mysterious meeting with his FBI friend.

Wednesday, January 6th
Rafe tells Sami that the FBI reinstated him; Gabi learns that Chad and Mia had a baby together; Brady makes an emotional plea in Nicole's defense at her sentencing; Nathan tells Stephanie that he's over Melanie; Philip and Melanie prepare to elope.

Thursday, January 7th
Nicole is sentenced for her crimes; Rafe tells EJ he's back in the FBI; Gabi confronts Mia about her feels for Chad; Maggie prepares to go on a cruise with Mickey; Arianna realizes that Brady still loves Nicole.

Friday, January 8th
Carly admits to Vivian that she killed Lawrence; Will gets fed up with Mia's lies; Justin and Bo have it out; EJ reassures Sami that the ransom drop should go smoothly; Sami tells Rafe she has utter faith that Sydney will come home.

**UPDATED 1/4**

Weekly Summary

Days of Our Lives: Nicole threw herself on the mercy of the court and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. EJ and Sami received a call from Anna, Sydney's kidnapper, demanding $5 million. EJ assured Sami that he would get the money and persuaded her not to say anything to Rafe. Victor threw Justin out of the mansion after catching him and Hope kissing. Vivian and Maggie both urged Bo to try to save his marriage. Carly told Vivian the truth about Lawrence. Vivian trapped her in an elevator, and she panicked and ran into Bo's arms when she was released. Troy hired an assassin to kill Arianna, but the killer was foiled when Brady arrived. Nathan and Philip were bailed out of jail, and Nathan continued trying to talk Melanie out of marrying Philip. When Stephanie learned the reason for the men's fight, she cut Nathan loose. Rafe was reinstated by the FBI. Will overheard Mia telling Gabi about her feelings for Chad and broke up with her.
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