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I've been struggling with this "logic" since last year. Johnny is what, between 2 and 4 and he's a lost cause. Has Stefano been brainwashing him? :headbang:
I don't think her logic is correct, but...I don't think it has ever had anything to do with EJ. She was trying to keep Stefano from knowing Sydney/Grace existed. Johnny was a "lost cause" because Stefano already knew about him. She couldn't tell EJ because he was trusting Stefano again. And yes, actually Stefano has been brainwashing him. We haven't seen it recently, but there were scenes with him reading war books that were supposed to be very telling (Allie was there, too once) that was the beginning of why Sami freaked out originally. There were some weird things at one point with Sydney, too, I think.
That was one of the funniest scenes! He was reading "The Art of War" to them and I think they were sitting in their highchairs they were that young. :laugh:
Lol, I remember that, and then nuJohn came in and snarked on it all. I miss his scenes. :'(
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