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Dec 23 2009, 11:49 PM
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Sorry, I mean piss them off to the point of giving up. I think they will either give the fan's Ejami for a short time before it someone else's turn or given ejami fan's enough that they keep on hanging in there hoping. Making EJ fully dark would make a lot of Ejami's give up and I don't think they'll want to restrict their options.

As for all the fan bases being po'd, lol, from what I've read even Safe fans aren't happy after that 2010 preview.
Oh, because Rafe falls off his pedestal? :eyeroll:
Yeah, and the glitter starts to fall from Sami's eyes. I can't wait for the sanctimonious tosser to get bitten on the arse. Hopefully this could actually make his character more than one dimensional........but probably not!
Just so you know from one Safe fan, first we happen to know that the comments derived from the SOD are not exact words... Second, even if they were it says that they blame each other, so even if Sami gets mad at Rafe this means the feeling with be mutual. And it's a repeat story of Bo and Hope, but here's the clenching question, who was right when it came to Bo and Hope? Rafe is simply doing the appropriate thing by calling in the FBI, ransom exchanges usually never go right. Sami is impulsive and doing what she feels is right. Which makes neither right and neither wrong and both right and both wrong. And we Safe fans know one thing, " The ways of true love never always run smooth." There's bound to be rough waters, the difference is neither Rafe nor Sami ever try to force the other to stay together. They are together by choice. Lumi's fans can relate, but others can't.
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