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In a show populated by characters painted either black or white, Jack Devereaux is a refreshing shade of gray. A complex man, Devereaux possesses a rare commodity for a fellow in Salem -- unpredictability. One day, he's gleefully creating havoc; the next, he's going out of his way to help someone in need. Jack has come a long way. Initially a sweetie, he was turned into a rapist and at that point, the character seemed irredeemably stuck in the gutter.

Since then, Jack has crawled out. By permitting the audience glimpses of the hurt and vulnerability hidden beneath a slick veneer, DAYS has let its viewers understand the charcater's motivation and begin to care -- and root -- for him. The smirk, the sneer, and the stare are still part of Jack's amusing facade, but a tender heart beats there as well. Thus far, DAYS has resisted transforming Devereaux into a noble type. Wise move -- there are enough heroes in town. We like the rogue.
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