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All roads in Genoa City last year led to Cricket. Who had the tenderest hospital scenes with the dying Phillip? Not Phillip's wife, Nina; not his mother, Jill. It was his ex-girlfriend, Cricket. Cricket's terminally ill mother had to choose between John, a man who gave her the best year of her life, and Jim, the man who gave her Cricket. The decision was made by Cricket, who wanted her mother to marry Jim. Cricket's love life was fraught with difficult decisions: Phillip, or Chase? Scott, or Danny? Derek, the winner in Cricket's romantic sweepstakes, careened her into another story line by raping her. Having professional dater Cricket undergo the horrors of date rape made sense, and it was a social issue worth tackling. But did every male around have to take turns playing hero to Cricket's damsel in distress? John, Jack, Chase, Scott, Danny and Skip all leaped to help their town pet. That there is only one nice girl Cricket's age in Genoa City, and that she is wiser than anyone else, strains credibility. To have her stick her nose into almost every plot strains the nerves. We're surprised she's not the one who willed George Rawlins.
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