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Dec 24 2009, 04:01 PM
Dec 24 2009, 02:11 PM
Dec 24 2009, 01:59 PM
Rafe informs Sami that the FBI reinstated him.
Holy freaking shit!!!! Agent Hernandez is back! :rockon: :cheer: :cheers: :dance: This explains why Sami doesn't tell Rafe.... no cops, no FBI... I have a feeling...

And all the Safe hearts, skip a beat...
This is great news. Now, no matter what EJ tries to do, Agent Hernandez will have the bureau behind him to find Sydney and bring her back.
I would bet that the ransom note does say no cops, etc., but of course, Sami will tell her man!!!

If EJ isn't in on this yet, he will be to spite Sami and get back at Rafe. Couple this with the fact that he is now a drug king pin.
Yep, he is a great father figure for his kids.
Sadly I don't think she will, I think Sami is gonna pull a stupid and listen to her idiot Aunt, and go with her gut, and this is what irritates Rafe, I think. Not realizing he would definitely put her and the children above his job, if she asked him too. But Safe fans are still happy because this means EJ and the phoenix better watch out as a private citizen he was simply a thorn in their side, but after this, he'll have a badge... and a license to kill, lol... no just joking!
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