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Dec 23 2009, 03:25 AM
Dec 23 2009, 03:11 AM
Dec 22 2009, 08:52 PM
I am wondering what the huge twist concerning Anna and Sydney is?!?
Anna is in cahoots with another Salemite.

Speculation: I still think it's Sami who has orchestrated the entire kidnapping.
But what would her motivation be? Putting Will through the pain and the twins through the confusion, not to mention adding stress to her relationship with Rafe....I can't understand why would she do it?
1. Sydney was "Sami's Child" for exactly 12 hours in Salem-Time. Rafe delivered the child to the townhouse one afternoon, and Nicole swiped Sydney later that night from the DiMera Mansion. The twins and Will did not bond with Sydney.
2. Sami's goal all along has been to keep Sydney from the DiMeras. Nearly every line spoken by Anna could have been spoken by Sami.
3. It's not like Sami will "give Sydney away and never see her" if Anna delivers the child to Switzerland where one-half of Sami's family lives (Carrie/Austin/Marlena/John).

I just don't see Looney Money-Hungry Anna as a realistic tactic. If that's their plan, it's such a copout. Yes, Anna hates the DiMeras. But why would Anna do this to the Bradys. The Bradys helped her find Tony. The Bradys helped her with $$$ when she "sold" them the letters during the Santeen saga. She spent a week or so canoodling with Roman before learning Tony was alive again.

Looney crazy kidnapper has been done a thousand times. At least three other Brady children were kidnapped by looney types (Stephanie, Andrew Donavan, Shawn-Douglas).

Evil DiMera has been done a thousand times.

I know they have positioned Sami as Marlena 2.0, even down to the latest hairstyle. But Sami is playing her "hysterical" role rather calmly IMHO. She would be the last person to be suspected. Plus, it opens up soooo many great storylines. With EJ. With Rafe.

It would be a great storyline.
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