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Dec 23 2009, 09:27 AM
Dec 23 2009, 03:25 AM
Dec 23 2009, 03:11 AM
Dec 22 2009, 08:52 PM
I am wondering what the huge twist concerning Anna and Sydney is?!?
Anna is in cahoots with another Salemite.

Speculation: I still think it's Sami who has orchestrated the entire kidnapping.
But what would her motivation be? Putting Will through the pain and the twins through the confusion, not to mention adding stress to her relationship with Rafe....I can't understand why would she do it?
Nah-- I am betting it is EJ's plot to get back at everyone who has deceived him, including Rafe, Sami, and Brady. I don't think Sami would do this to her other kids or her family, but EJ, yes. All he cares about at this point is revenge. Rafe will continue to investigate and be the one to find out that it is EJ who is behind the whole thing. Sami will never forgive EJ for this one and she and Rafe can move on with their lives.

It would be such a copout to have The Big Bad DiMeras behind everything. Talk about replaying the 1990s over. The one decent point that arose out of the awful Santeen Year was that the Bradys were as responsible for the decades-long "vendetta".

And the DiMera Family Rise to Respectability has been underway ever since. Yes, they are dastardly druglords, hiring assassins, and other creepy behavior. But they were matched crime-for-crime by the Kiriakii.

I am personally ambivalent about Elvis. He should be a tween after all, not a thirty-something race-car-driving, Steve-Johnson-torturing-, black-gloved diabolical druglord/attorney. Making him the "bad guy" in the Sydnapping is a yawner. How would it drive the story? By driving RafeJohn into SamiLena's arms? Yawners to the 100th degree.

And Anna as demented, money-hungry krazy kidnapper is equally yawner. Fun, perhaps, but hardly the catalyst to drive the story to a new level. And not much of a "twist".

RafeJohn and SamiLena need a spark to their relationship. And I can already see SamiLena snarling at RafeJohn that he "has a secret he won't share (about his dead wife) and so she had one too (about her alive daughter)". After all. Sami's plans NEVER work out. That's part of her charm.
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