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♥ Tammy ♥
Dec 26 2009, 10:29 PM
Dec 23 2009, 12:38 AM
I barely watch the show anymore, for reasons like this and am a bit out of the loop. Its a mess, this "improvement" that the blogs and mags are raving about is a joke. But Mia and Roman? For serious?! Why is Roman even still there, and the same for Abe and Lexie. There's your budget problem right there. The mayor role is not needed. Neither is Lexie and her disaproving glares to characters actually driving what this show considers story, and her ceremonial COS job at the hospital when there are already 3 other doctors.
I don't watch this show anymore so I really have no room to comment on it lol. However please tell me that I am reading this wrong... ^ that isn't referring to Roman and Mia as a "couple" is it? Or you saying why keep these characters and get rid of Lucas?
LOL . . . I think this is my fault. I made a joke upthread about Roman and Mia as a couple since Dena lurves her older man/younger women pairings and that was the most disgusting one I could think of. But fortunately for me, we haven't seen Roman in action since Bo had one of his fantabulous "visions" of Hope and Roman in bed together that turned out to be, mercifully, misleading.
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