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If they're going to break Bope up, I think they should take it seriously this time. Not "lets create some drama where they're still in love with each other and jealous of potential other lovers, and get back together in less than year" type thing. Because that was what happened with the post-Zach story. They need to play this out almost like Y&R with Nick/Phyllis/Jack - which has gone on a year too LONG, but in terms of writing an ACTUAL breakup, there's some things DOOL could adopt.

Firstly, I dislike the double standard with Bope and other love interests. Bo's had these other romances - Billie and Carly - yet, they seem to hold back on giving Hope another serious, character driven love interest. Justin and Patrick (especially Patrick) are/were very plot driven. And of course, Hope always has to feel the "guilt" after. It's like they're holding back with Hope, and I don't think it's fair...it's as if the writers feel Hope can't be with anyone else, so, for example, they had to create "Princess Gina" in order for her to have sex with Stefano and John.

I'm fine with Barly - let's do it and see what they got - but don't give Hope the short end of the stick. She's a main character too, arguably the lead matriarch without Marlena - and deserves more than this...further, I think it would add to her character development to move on to someone else. As a viewer, I don't even know who Hope is without Bo - maybe the character of Hope feels the same way, and that could be the basis of moving on.

ETA: sorry if this doesn't make sense, I'm totally falling asleep, lol!

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