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the nathan/melanie stuff sucked. this kid is well on his way to becoming a doctor, but he's so hung up on a student nurse that dumped him that he feels the need to question her about her engagement. wtf? seeing that nathan still wants melanie back makes me lose a ton of respect for him. melanie clearly isn't all that bright(see today's scenes with kate), and she spent the majority of their relationship lusting after philip, only to dump nathan for him. so why does nathan want anything to do with her? why? why?

another problem is how fickle melanie is. it would be one thing if this were a slow burn kind of thing, and she started to see her feelings for nathan resurface after months of haggling with vivian and kate, and after her issues with philip wanting her to be a trophy wife have been addressed more fully. but the writers-on-speed have her sobbing over nathan not two hours after she gets engaged to philip. this doesn't endear me to melanie. i don't feel angst over who she really loves and who she doesn't. i'm irritated that she's a spoiled brat that only seems to want what she can't have, and that two attractive, reasonably intelligent men are falling for it.
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