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Dec 25 2009, 12:39 PM
Dec 25 2009, 05:57 AM

It would be such a copout to have The Big Bad DiMeras behind everything. Talk about replaying the 1990s over. The one decent point that arose out of the awful Santeen Year was that the Bradys were as responsible for the decades-long "vendetta".

And the DiMera Family Rise to Respectability has been underway ever since. Yes, they are dastardly druglords, hiring assassins, and other creepy behavior. But they were matched crime-for-crime by the Kiriakii.

I am personally ambivalent about Elvis. He should be a tween after all, not a thirty-something race-car-driving, Steve-Johnson-torturing-, black-gloved diabolical druglord/attorney. Making him the "bad guy" in the Sydnapping is a yawner. How would it drive the story? By driving RafeJohn into SamiLena's arms? Yawners to the 100th degree.

And Anna as demented, money-hungry krazy kidnapper is equally yawner. Fun, perhaps, but hardly the catalyst to drive the story to a new level. And not much of a "twist".

RafeJohn and SamiLena need a spark to their relationship. And I can already see SamiLena snarling at RafeJohn that he "has a secret he won't share (about his dead wife) and so she had one too (about her alive daughter)". After all. Sami's plans NEVER work out. That's part of her charm.
I don't see it as boring at all. For once it would actually be a perfectly-in-character scheme which has the benefit of being able to take revenge on everyone who deceived EJ in one fell swoop. This isn't random "DiMera fucks over Bradys for no apparent reason" scheming, and not only that this is DiMera v. DiMera as well as DiMera v. Brady. Bless you for being able to come up with one redeeming feature of the horrendous Santeen saga, but I think, mercifully, the show has decided to forget they ever put us through that shit anyway. They don't even mention Brady being part DiMera anymore.

As for driving Rafe into Sami's arms, he's already there. That isn't the point of EJ being the Sydnapper, the point is him hurting everyone who lied to him about his children and made him look like a fool. Secondarily, he may try to manipulate Sami into a relationship with him again, so yes, that may have the effect of driving Sami back into Rafe's arms once she finds out that he cruelly kept her child from her (though I'm still hoping Sydney isn't hers). I would rather Sami not be the focus of any story, romantic or not, but if EJ is the napper then this strikes me as being a perfectly understandable revenge plot.

It's not that I don't like your idea about Sami being the napper--I do. I think it would also be in character for HER to do this, because it would prove she meant it that she would do the same thing all over again to EJ if she had the chance. Their graveside forgiveness scene is totally irrelevant at this point because neither of them knew they had a living child and thus neither had a chance, or so they thought, to either exact revenge (EJ) or get a second bite at the apple (Sami). Sami has never shown any compunction about hiding her children from their fathers so again, it's in character for her. Unfortunately, however, we've already seen Sami alone and fantasizing/dreaming about Sydney, which is enough to make me doubt she's in on it. Could be a red herring, but I don't think so. I don't think Sami would be so incautious as to make her remarks she made on the 12/24 show in public, either, about how things would be perfect if only she and Rafe were raising Sydney together where others could hear. We just haven't seen Sami doing any of the suspicious things EJ's done.

I agree Sami and Rafe need a spark to their relationship, which is what I think they're trying to accomplish with this "obstacle" when they disagree over how to handle trying to get Sydney back. Obviously Sami is going to end up trusting EJ, which she ought to know better than to do--it blows my mind she hasn't yet said, hey, I wonder if EJ is just trying to do the same thing to me I did to him--for the plot reason to give some conflict to her relationship with Rafe. Then Rafe will end up being right about something at a minimum or at a maximum find Sydney and blow the whole scheme wide open and she'll be ever so sorry she ever doubted her superhero.
Excellent post!! I agree with all you have said. I have no doubt that Sami will be an impetuous fool and believe EJ, but it will no waylay Rafe in any way in finding out the truth about Sydney and bringing her back to her mother. He will be the hero again and EJ will be left alone and pathetic for what he has attempted to do.
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