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So I decided to watch today because Sami and her drama was FAR FAR AWAY!

I love the snarkiness from everyone on todays show....lets see..

Victor and his line about his "playboy" son and all his women wanting him for money!

Hope and her temporary Ode to Princess Gina! LOL @ her realizing what a huge bitch she was being! Maybe its living in the K-mansion? I like that she has Justin as her sounding board. I liked how Hope was trying to rationalize Justins feelings and he turning her argument around.

I loved how jealous Mia was while everyone was happy about Gabi staying. I didnt even touch my FF button once! Will and Mia are such DOWNERS!

Stephanie is looking very desperate. Give her a spine please! This is Steve's daughter! Her hair is very pretty though! Phil is jealous of Stephanie/Nathan and Mel wants Nathan! LOL @ JKJ and pouring the sugar in his cup o' coffee and Kate's little "open marriage" line!

Kate and Viv were very funny and their clothes were very nice...Kate rocked the Burberry trench coat! Did LK dye more of her hair blue? LOL @ Kate saying that Melanies not a gold digger, the pre-nup will do that! YOU GO KATE, threaten the "flighty" Mel! I also loved how Nathan was saying that Mel was trying to "over-sell" her potential marriage to Phil.

I miss Ivan.....Gus just doesnt cut it!

I didnt find myself liking the acting choices from CC. I didnt like her little SHHHH and the snapping-looked really pretentious. Then her little "tell me what to do and I'll do it" tirade, a bit OTT! Why didnt Carly get admitted under a fake name? If she was so determined to hide this pregnancy, having a fake name would do it! OH SHIT...plant that kiss PR!

The flashbacks were great! Aw, poor Hope (I cant believe I said that.) "I do believe!"
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