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Hope KNEW that Justin was into her, that's why she asked him and not Mickey to be her lawyer. She was totally fishing for compliments to ease her insecurities. I think she did feel bad at the end when he professed his feelings to her, she did have an "oh shit, I opened Pandora's box" look on her face but it was just the little oomph she needed to go claim her man.

They did the matchy matchy stuff today and Hope and Justin were dressed in the same colors. I'm thinking if Hope ends up in Justins arms they (the whole team) are going to have to work hard to sell it because Justin is coming off as asexual.

The Bope flashbacks didn't reinforce any great love story for me but it was nice seeing a chubby Hope, OMG she was SOOO beautiful back then. Not that she isn't now, but seriously, the skinny look is not suiting her.

In the back of my mind I KNEW that Carbo were going to kiss but it still took me by surprise. I'm interested in seeing the fallout.

The real triangle between Phillip and his two mommies is good, especially when the two of them swoop down on Melanie. I'm really enjoying the way Vivian is interacting with Melanie, she doesn't automatically hate her and she knows that melanie is her in with Phillip but at the same time she can't help herself in making little digs with comments like "well dont you look comfortable". And Kate too, with her "open marriage" comment, lol.

I feel bad for Stephanie, she's got it bad for Nathan and he's being careless with her feelings. Steph and Phil were color coordinated today.

The teen chatter was so beyond ridiculously stupid it was entertaining to watch. The way Kinsey is written and portrayed is so OTT that I can't take her seriously enough to dislike her, I like her much better than Jan Spears. Casey is looking more and more out of place in the high schooler crowd, they should just make him graduate early or something. Mia still looked drugged when she was being bitchy but her interaction with Gabs was semi entertaining.
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