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We named FALCON CREST Best Prime Time Soap in 1987 and 1988 fo rgood reasons. Droll writing, unpredictable plotting, innovative direction, sterling performances and a renewed energy made the show very entertaining and suspenseful at the same time. Several highlights come to mind: Maggie giving birth in Angela's living room while Dan Fixx played Chopin; the murder game at Falcon Crest where an actual body did turn up; Kim Novak and Roscoe Lee Browne's riotous guest-star turns as mystery woman Kit Marlowe and necromantic mogul Rosemont; Ana-Alicia's hilarious turn as Veronique the Slumming Socialite and those humdinger cliffhangers.

But then they fired everyone, or nearly everyone. Out went the creative producing and writing team; out went Ana-Alicia. Instead they put all their eggs in one basket and called it Pilar Ortega, played by the beautiful Kristian Alfonso. She has not developed into lead actress material since her days at DAYS. Then they wiped out the long-planned reconciliation between Richard and Angela Channing, which had provided many volatile and moving moments in the previous two seasons. Add to this lackluster roster as truly pointless insider-trading plot. But the biggest disappointment was the show's abysmal lack of humor. FALCON CREST no longer cracked us up. It was unforgivably dull and no reason to stay home on a Friday night.

One bright spot: the 1989 season has already shown much improvement over last year, so it looks like FALCON CREST has emerged from its slump.
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