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TVG: You’ve been back as Carly for a few months now — do you feel like you’ve shed Olivia’s skin and become Dr. Manning again?
CC: I do. I’m totally settled in as Carly now. In the beginning, there was a brief adjustment because I had to re-acquaint myself with the old way of shooting a soap again. That took a few weeks. Now that we’re heavy into Carly’s story, I feel like I know who she is again. And I’ve thrown some of Olivia into Carly whenever I can. I like that Carly’s darker. She’s a good person, but she’s no longer a victim and not scared to fight back.
I'm so glad she admitted this. So many times I, along with others, would mention that something feels off with Chappell after seeing her work on GL. She just didn't seem to be using her abilities like she did over there. And we were shut down with comments about how Chappell is "doing just fine" and this is "how Carly's supposed to be written." Bullshit. I called it then and Chappell's words have made me call it again. She sucked when she first came to DAYS and I'm glad she's able to admit it.
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