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Dec 29 2009, 01:51 AM
I'm so glad she admitted this. So many times I, along with others, would mention that something feels off with Chappell after seeing her work on GL. She just didn't seem to be using her abilities like she did over there. And we were shut down with comments about how Chappell is "doing just fine" and this is "how Carly's supposed to be written." Bullshit. I called it then and Chappell's words have made me call it again. She sucked when she first came to DAYS and I'm glad she's able to admit it.
I wouldn't say she sucked, but there was definitely something "off" about her performances. When she first came back to the show, it felt like her heart wasn't in it. I don't know if she just saw Carly as a boring character or if Days brought back bad memories for her or if she thought the cast wouldn't like her, but it really seemed like her heart was elsewhere.

Even now it feels like Days is kind of an afterthought to her in interviews, etc. She goes on and on and about how much she loves Venice and Otalia and Olivia, and then at the end she'll throw in the necessary "Days is good too." It's the same way on Twitter. She'll tweet for hours and hours about Venice/Otalia/etc. but when someone asks her about Days, she just says "it's great!" and that's the end of it, LoL.

Regardless, it does seem like she's finally grown into the role of Carly again and her performances feel more natural now.
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