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Dec 29 2009, 02:54 AM
I seriously don't get all the CC propping...maybe it's because I had no idea who she was until 6 weeks ago, but she has yet to prove her "amazingness" to me. Further, hasn't GL always been THE worst soap with THE worst ratings? lol! So the fact all this propping is coming from someone off that show of all soaps is even more surprising. Unless, of course, she was the only good thing.

Anyway, yes, her performances were off at the beginning of DAYS. It was like she was there, and "acting", but not all there - in the moment - ya know? Even the scenes with Vivian, the first time around, were awkward, as much as I still liked them.
Amen. Course, I never watched GL, but CC hasn't overly impressed me. I saw this mentioned somewhere else (can't remember if it was here or another board), but someone said CC is coming right up behind Lisa Rinna in the PR department, and I agree with whomever made that comment.
I'll come out on a limb and say it....it's possible there's a lot of hype because this Otalia or whatever was rather groundbreaking, as is Venice, and not necessarily because of CC's acting. Now, I'm saying that as someone who hasn't seen them, but it's speculation.
I watched the preview freebie for Venice, and I was NOT impressed. Then again, (LK aside, because I think she's a good actress and somehow, she's just grown on me over the years), I tend to be turned off by actresses with overly-Botoxed lips.
That being said, I think CC is awesome against Louise Sorel, who is one of those actresses who seem to bring out the spunk in anyone, like AZ.
LOL at the comments about CC's Sweeney compliments!
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