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Dec 29 2009, 02:52 AM
I wasn't impressed with this statement either. And what's with the "neither Bo nor Carly are ready for a relationship" ?
Of course they are not. He's married to Hope! He loves Hope not Carly! There shouldn't be a relationship between Bo and Carly except friendship. I'm getting annoyed with her interviews. One minute she is saying Bo and Carly are just friends the next we hear Bo and Carly are going to be boinking each other! She really needs to watch what she says in interviews its starting to get confusing.
Crystal is an actress, not a writer. She gives HER opinions about characters, and does not dictate storylines. Trashing an actress for an opinion seems off. No matter what she thinks or wants, in the end, the writers, not Crystal, decides.
I understand some Hope fans, sometimes known as BOPE fans, see any character in a story with Bo as a threat but that does not mean the actor is pushing it. or lying about it.

In an industry overall dominated by males on the production side, I understand why CC is getting so much hype. She is a fine actress but more than that she is pushing the genre to be more inclusive. Many admire that. THAT is what the hype's about.
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