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The Reagans are out, and so are glitzy nighttime soaps. Viewers who deserted DYNASTY in droves have stuck by KNOTS LANDING, a soap that never fit the glamour mold. KNOTS's strengths are its well-drawn characters and honest story lines. Last year brought Mack's mid-life crisis, an examination of his situation that led him to quit his job and be tempted by another woman. Jill was killed off, an intriguing development that was resolved surprisingly briskly -- the mystery didn't drag on in typical soap opera fashion. Greg and Paige's affair was passionate and wickedly fun (the nude croquet scene was a highlight), and Greg's subsequent marriage to Abby was a heart-breaking but credible follow-up. The muddled Murakame story was at least partly redeemed by Abby's devlish villlainy and Robert Desiderio's portrayal of slimy Ted Melcher. The show has remained fresh, the plotting strong and the performances outstanding. KNOTS is still a class act.
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