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Sexy Jew

Dec 25 2009, 01:12 PM

In previous years, GUIDING LIGHT wallowed in poorly planned and preposterous stories, such as Johnny Bauer's miracle recovery from cancer and The Dreaming Death. Miscasting left characters in unrealistic limbo. 1989 saw a confident reconnoitering. Now GL is, day-to-day, an absorbing serial. Why? GUIDING LIGHT's head writers, Pamela K. Long, has assembled an excellent staff of writers who write dialogue that is believable but not trite. Characters never come on to recap someone else's story, a nagging problem on other soaps. And for her already-strong characters, Long has crafted compelling stories. In fact, GL's emsemble playing is arguably the best on daytime, and every generation of Springfield's families is given a fair shake, from Hawk and Sarah Shayne to Alan-Michael and Harley Spaulding. Though later in the year, GUIDING LIGHT suddenly found itself having the difficult task of recasting several principal roles, Long has her melodramatic juggling act so controlled that you always kept watching. Highlights of 1989 include Rick and Phillip's touching break-up and reconciliation (see Best Reconciliation), Josh and Reva's wedding (see Best Wedding), Will Jeffries's "killing" of Rose, and the arrival of super-story catalyst, Dylan.
Long actually started the golden age which Curlee and Demorest continued if you look at it. GL was at its finest from 1989-1993.
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