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dc cubs
Dec 30 2009, 03:57 PM
Sounds like it will be a great story for Suzanne. However, I'm concerned that we still have not heard anything about some Hortons returning for Mickey's funeral. My biggest fear about this story was that Days wouldn't do it justice. That could be the case if they don't have any other Hortons returning for this storyline.
Far be it for me to put any stock in what Corday says but his last comment about there being a "new branch" on the Horton tree seems to mean they have something in mind regarding the Horton's. Whether that means funeral returns, bringing on someone like Sarah Horton, or something else I don't know.

The good news is this seems well thought out. I'm surprised it wasn't Mickey dying in his sleep. He goes upstairs to get their stuff and dies. That is heartbreaking. Suzanne WILL rock.

I already knew Clarke was informed about the decision but I never would've guessed they actually sent him the scripts. That does imply they wanted him to return for maybe an episode or two.

Glad we get flashbacks. I know we get a flashback of Mickey and Maggie tomorrow and it's of the "red shoes."

So far, they are handling it the best they can do. I figured they would. The true test will be how they handle the memorial. There is no way to properly do it given the state of the Horton's but I'm sure they will do their best.

I also don't believe for a minute Higley came up with this. That is probably the crap Tomlin spewed to Corday to get him to sign off LOL. The fact that Tomlin told Suzanne is pretty telling. They should just mention that Higley is an associate head writer and nothing more because that is closer to what she is.
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